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About us

ZORE (sunrise/sunset) means joy from each new day and gratefulness for each past day. It wants to be everyday inspiration for new stories with people, who you love.  

ZORE is symbol of dynamics and change. You love its diversity and you can´t get enough from the beauty of all its details. It carries the light energy inside. Full red coloured spontaneity.

ZORE is dream which came true. Dream about cooking and managing restaurant following your own imagination. The best way how we can and want. ZORE means space for creating, use your potential and leave the best of you. ZORE is stamp of each of us. Story on the plate.

We cook with humility to our craft. We honor its values and we apply them by cooking. We choose the best products, which we gently handle in different ways. We come out from home cuisine, because we were born in Czechoslovakia and it is natural for us. We like Toscana and French cuisine. We let world influence us and create original combinations. Each member of the team offers his experience, skills and heart. We don´t follow any prediscripted styles, we create. Because that is natural for us. Like ZORE.

We want to make our cuisine understandable. So that everyone understands what he gets on the plate. So you can have some expectations, but we like to exceed them. We want to make experience from your moments at ZORE. The same like as you watch ZORE in the morning or in the evening. We want to dialogue with you. That is why we go out from the kitchen, that is why we let you to create your own story by the table at ZORE.

We are not frightened from experiment, because we think, that Toscana trippa is wonderful, we prepare it for the festival. And you will dare to eat tripe. When if not by us? There will be never the same ZORE again.

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Mon - Fri: 07.30 AM - 11:00 breakfast; 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM lunch / dinnner

Sat - Sun: 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM breakfast; 11:00 AM - 16:00 PM lunch.
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